Guitar Lessons


The most important things to remeber about learning guitar is patience, persistence and practice.  


My guitar lessons are for beginners and cover your basic chords, strumming, building finger dexterity and basic musicianship.  


I try to ensure that students are learning a song that they are interested in fairly quickly to make it more engaging.  I use backing tracks when learning chords and progressions as it gives a beginner guitarist the feel of playing with a band and a solid understanding of timing.  


I am also keen to introduce Monthly Jam sessions.  Students (singing and guitar students) will jam on 1-2 songs they have learnt throughout the month.  This inspires them, gives them the experience of playing with other musicians and motivates them to practice ( as you can imagine, getting students to practice is one of my challenges).  

I also use some cool guitar related prizes when students reach the goals we've set.    


I strongly believe in working with how the student learns and adapt my teaching as I get to know the student better.


 Students  are provided with printouts of the chords they are learning and the Tabs/progressions along with backing tracks to play along to.   I try to keep lessons fun and upbeat and if there is a song that the student is itching to learn - and it is within their means - I'll always help them give it a go.  Lessons are usually 30 mins or 45 mins.  It is important that the student has the following (although we can always work around it if they dont)


  • a guitar

  • a pick

  • an electric tuner 

  • a capo


For further information, contact me via the options on the contact page or on 0439071770 and I'll be happy to answer any questions or book you in!!